Modeling Advice

Information on modeling and on how to become a model

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Do you have questions like:

How do I get started in modeling?

What are the requirements to become a fashion model?

How do I find a modeling agency without getting ripped off?

Do I have what it takes to be a model?

How do I find a fashion photographer for doing a test shoot?

How do I train to be a model?

Are there modeling scams I should look out for?

This site is here to answer these and other questions you might have about modeling.

Fashion model photoModeling Advice is an information and advice site for all aspects of modeling not just supermodels or top models. The main section of the site covers requirements for fashion modeling, other types of modeling, how modeling agencies work, how to freelance model, how to find test shoots, what happens in a photo shoot, what you need to know to be a professional model, and where to learn more. Also, this section looks at makeup, hair styling, posing, working in front of the camera, and wardrobe. Other sections of this site include questions and answers, links to modeling agencies, links to photographers, books on modeling with reviews, modeling scams to watch out for, comp cards, portfolio cases and model resources.