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  Modeling Advice is an information, advice, and resource site for those interested in learning about a career in modeling. Although the site provides helpful information to would-be models, it is not meant to be the final authority on the modeling business. This is not a big moneymaking website but a site I put together in hopes that it will be useful to anyone starting out in modeling. Through basic educational information I have tried to provide a source that will help would-be models avoid the scam artists and the rip-offs and have a positive experience following their dream to where ever it may lead.

History of this site

Some years ago I started a website for my photography business, Van Rossen PhotoGraphics. Surprisingly, although it was directed toward my clients, it also drew a number of inquires from would-be models wanting to know if I did free test shoots (not anymore) and asking for career advice. Ultimately, it led to the development of this website. When I launched the first version of Modeling Advice.com, I was amazed at the interest it generated. The Modeling Advice site now attracts more than 40,000 visitors a month.

I continuously add content, links, and resources to keep the site current and useful to visitors. When I get recurring questions, I also add them to the site. The information is free of charge. I do sell some portfolio cases, which helps offset the cost of maintaining the site. Your purchase will help to keep the site up and running.


My Background

For more than 25 years I have been creating fashion and glamour photographs and have worked with modeling schools and a modeling agency. We did test shoots to build portfolios, develop composites, and to give new models experience in front of the camera. Much of my time was spent learning about the fashion industry, the modeling business, makeup, hair styling, posing, wardrobe, and how to bring it all together with camera and lighting to create a great photo. Today my specialty has migrated to product and fashion accessories photography. But what was important when I was working with models then is still good to know today.

Other web sites and books on modeling are written from the perspective of a modeling agency or a working model. My perspective is that of a working photographer in a mid-sized metropolitan area, Portland, Oregon. This is different from working in New York City, the heart of the fashion industry, or in Hollywood, the glamour capital of the country. However, I know from my own experience what skills and qualities other photographers want to see in a model.

Thank You

For giving this site direction, I would like to thank everyone who emailed me with great questions. For proofreading the various drafts I would like to thank Dorie, Jane, and my brother, Charlie. My mother, a former schoolteacher, became the final authority on what was correct and I thank her for that. A special thanks to Linda for her hard work of editing the site one more time.



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